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turbocut JOPP

For many decades, the cutting tool activities had been run by Jopp GmbH in addition to other product fields. Since November 1, 2005, these activities have been incorporated into the turbocut Jopp GmbH.

Shareholders, managing director, employees, contact persons and company site have remained the same. Inter alia, Chirst Schneids├Ątze GmbH was taken over and their technical know how integrated into the cutting tools of turbocut Jopp.

In butcher's technology, turbocut Jopp can be counted among the most important developers and producers of cutting tools for all mincers and is also the innovation leader in this field.

The product range consists of all current sizes and systems used in the national and international markets, but also special sizes can be delivered fast.

turbocut Jopp shows its great competence in the field of cutting tools especially throught  development and production of customised products, which completely meet the customers' specific requirements.

However, turbocut Jopp's important and innovative activities in the market are not limited to meat processing; turbocut cutting tools are also used for processing cheese, fruit and vegetables. Even for material recycling or environmental engineering, hight-performance cutting tools made by turbocut Jopp are used.

Scientific fundamental research, test stan trials, cooperation with neutral institutes as well as endurance tests under production conditions have proven the outstanding performance and quality of turbocut cutting tools - at overall low total costs.